Hello! I’m a game designer working to shape the future of learning. I believe that knowledge is power and that learning how to learn is the most empowering skill a person can develop. To this end, I’ve spent much of my life studying how surprise, challenge, frustration and delight open us up to discovery and motivate us to construct new meaning. I use this knowledge to create and improve learning experiences of all kinds. I’ve developed videogames that drive players to master new skills and strategies through play, and I’ve worked with textbook publishers and schools to re-imagine traditional classroom learning in a different light.

I thrive in fast-paced environments where I can push my comfort zone and collaborate with others. Rapid iteration, lo-fi prototyping and new technologies excite me. Above all, I enjoy working with people I can learn from and who can learn from me.

You can view my LinkedIn profile to learn more, or contact me directly.