New site is live!

new-websiteAnd so it begins.

My reward for completing this long-overdue website overhaul? Some free time to enjoy the Steam VR Weekend Sale Bundle, given to me as a gift by my amazing husband!

He and I have been involved with VR longer than most. Back in the early 2000s, as undergrads, we worked at a psychology lab (the Proffitt Perception Lab) that used virtual reality to study how people perceive the real world. After graduation we went on to source equipment for and set up room-scale VR at the Embodied Cognition & Emotion Lab in Plymouth, UK. The two of us ran dozens of participants through virtual reality studies, each taking turns being the one to tiptoe behind the participant and wrangle VR headset cables so they could move around freely.

We just installed the lighthouses for our new Vive earlier this month. It’s got me feeling a little nostalgia, mixed with tremendous excitement at how far the technology has come. I look forward to diving into the latest VR offerings and creating my own prototypes!