Pixie Hollow Online

pixie_hollow_online-croppedaward_silverDisney’s beloved Tinker Bell brand was the inspiration for Pixie Hollow Online, a flash-based massively multiplayer online game released in September 2008.

In Firefly Light-Up, an action puzzle minigame within Pixie Hollow, players use a leaf basket to collect and release colored light, lighting up fireflies and avoiding pesky moths! Different colors of light have different properties that can help players light up multiple fireflies at once to earn more points. Each level is a new challenge with a fresh set of colored lights and a unique pattern of fireflies and moths.

I was the main level designer for Firefly Light-Up and tested, iterated, and sequenced all fifty levels. In addition, I worked with the Schell Games Pixie Hollow development team on other aspects of the MMO design, particularly fairy crafting. I created a branching hierarchy of unlockable recipes for all seventy-five fairy clothing items players could craft at launch, and also detailed out the ingredients and crafting mini-game levels for each specific item recipe.

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