Starry Night

Starry Night is an activity-based virtual world that lets a guest decorate the night sky with stars. It uses a head-mounted display and two gloves with position-tracking sensors. The guest can pick up a star shape using both hands, dip it into paint buckets to give it color, rotate and size the star by moving their hands closer together or further apart, and release the star into position by pushing gently with palms out towards the sky. When the starry sky is complete, clapping three times ends the experience, triggering an ending sequence that gives the player a panoramic view of their creation before clearing the sky in a shower of stars.

My team created Starry Night in ten days as part of Building Virtual Worlds, a core course of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Master program. Our work was jury-selected for inclusion in the Building Virtual Worlds show, where I demoed it live in front of a public audience.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center