The World of Lexica

serious-games-experts_121aThe World of Lexica is a tablet-based action-RPG style adventure for young teens, researched and designed to to strengthen grammar, spelling, vocabulary and writing. As players explore a vast, fantastical library and read books from Amplify’s virtual library, their avatars grow in magical power. Embedded English language arts games inspire students to play in their free time, with new quests and books becoming unlocked throughout the school year. The game’s primary goal is to foster a passion for reading while seamlessly bridging the gap between gameplay and learning.

The World of Lexica earned a Gold Medal in Education K-12 at the 2015 International Serious Play Awards and was the winner in the Entertainment, Film and Digital Media category at the 2015 CREATE Festival. It has been named an Editor’s Choice by the Children’s Technology Review.

As a designer on Lexica’s embedded games team, I collaborated with subject matter experts and engineers to concept and prototype English language arts games. My original arcade-style syntax game concept was released as the embedded game “Mukashi Mukashi.” In addition I created detailed documentation outlining embedded game terminology, structure, flow, and UI/accessibility conventions to facilitate integration of third-party embedded games into the overarching game world.

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